Changing The Perception Of Disability

Last year, GQ took a leading step forward in a conversation that we’re very proud to be apart of when they announced the recipient of the GQ Sportsman of the Year award.

It was on the back of the 2016 John Newcombe Medal being presented to our very own Dylan Alcott for his achievements in wheelchair tennis, an award that hadn’t before won by a person with disability.

The shift in conversation and the changing perceptions of disability have certainly been at their most tangible in the past 12 months and worth of our attention.

Media organisations and major publications have also helped to elevate the movement and provide of platform and voice for the community – including the ABC, Chanel Ten, the Weekly Review and many more.

It is this ongoing support that gives us the motivation to continue our work. If you’d like to get involved you can do so by donating your time or money to one of the many organisations doing some great work for the disabled community. Learn how you can help the Dylan Alcott Foundation here. (link to donation page?)